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It’s a funny old thing isn’t it, being human?

On the whole, we’re not very good at it.

There is a whole lot of shit we fuck up on repeat. Then it flips and everything is Awesome again.

It’s a constant cycle of ups and downs.

So, it’s important not to let yourself think that whatever you’ve been through was Awesome ‘then’, it was fun ‘then’, we were happy ‘then’.

Don’t let ‘then,’ be the only timeline you were happy.

You are allowed to be happy now & multiple times in the future. You are allowed to enjoy your life wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever stage you’re at.

I promise you that you’re allowed to be happy. In fact, you really need to strive for that.

Try doing whatever it takes to put you in a position to get as close to that as possible. It’s not fucking easy! It sounds easy, ‘just be happy,’ but it takes a whole lot of work.

Sometimes, it’s really fucking hard to be happy, but know that it’s there for you. Happiness is there waiting for you, but you might just need to dig a little for it.

Remember, you are absolutely deserving of happiness and joy, right now. Just because you experienced it in the past and then something changed, doesn’t mean you can’t find it again.

Allow yourself to find happiness again, because it’s always there waiting for us.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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