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Make sure whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re at, check in with yourself.

As WOO WOO as this may sound, make sure you’re coming back to your center.

Keep in your own fucking lane as much as you can.

Other people’s shit, as well as your own, will impact you, and push you sideways.

Keeping yourself balanced and centered as much as you can, and letting all the other chaos, noise and bullshit flow right past you, as best you can, is the key.

All kinds of stuff we experience on a daily basis can rattle us, and push us out of our own center of Energy. It’s really important to check in with yourself and get to the bottom of why you might be feeling a certain way. Figure out why you’re suddenly feeling angry, fearful, sad, or flat, and see if you can pinpoint the reason or cause behind these feelings.

Coming back to your center, will allow you to be the brightest version of yourself, where you’ll be able to see your capabilities clearly.

Remember, you have an absolutely divine light inside of you, and being centered as much as you can, will make it easier to shine your Brilliance.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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