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Feathers are a Beautiful symbol from Spirit, a reminder that our Angels and Guides are watching us. So when we find a feather, we can take comfort in knowing we are not alone, as feathers are confirmation that our Angels and Guides are nearby.

If you’re walking along and you come across a feather, try and bring your mind back to the last thought you had. Maybe you were asking a question at the time you saw the feather, or perhaps an idea popped up into your mind the moment you saw the feather.

The amazing thing about feathers is they are so random. I have been right in the middle of a shopping center and found one. So don’t think you have to be outside in nature to find them. Spirit is all about coincidences and synchronicities, so you can find feathers absolutely anywhere.

I personally use feathers when doing a Healing on a client, because when you think about it, birds use their feathers to fly away, to get out of situations and places, so there is a huge uplifting sense of freedom associated with feathers.

This is why they make the perfect tool for Shamanic Healing and Energy Clearing.

When doing a Healing, I’ll either use the feathers to help swoosh White Sage smoke over my client, or I’ll simply use the feathers without the smoke as a clearing and cleansing tool. Feathers are also very handy if you want to smudge yourself or to cleanse a house.

I have a large feather collection which I use for my clients. Here are some meanings of the feathers I use;

  • The Peahen feather represents nurturing Energy, fertility, looking after yourself and others as Peahen birds are known to be phenomenal Mothers.

  • Turkey feathers are known for their connection to the Earth and used by Native Americans for Shamanic Healing.

  • Wedge Tail Eagle feathers represent strength and vision.

  • Cockatoo feathers represent joy, fun, vibrancy and community connection.

  • Cassowary feathers can be used to set intentions when manifesting.

  • Emu feathers represent protective Energy.

  • Kookaburra feathers represent laughter, lighter, more positive Energy.

  • Magpie feathers are about balance and family, as well as masculine and feminine Energy.

  • Owl feathers represent wisdom and knowledge.

  • Crow feathers are connected to the other side, so they are Beautiful to use in Mediumship work, to connect with your passed loved ones.

You’ll find, even people who are not really into anything WOO WOO will still pick up feathers and collect them. No matter what you believe, feathers are so Magnificent, you cannot help but be drown to them.

So, if you find a feather, look up what type it is and see how the meaning of that particular feather resonates with you. Remember to try and take notice of your thoughts when you see it.

Know that feathers are a nudge from Spirit. They are a way for your Angels, Guides and passed loved ones to give you a little message, so be sure to show gratitude and always acknowledge them by giving thanks when you find one.

Giving gratitude when you find a feather is the perfect way to grow your intuition, form a deeper connection with Spirit and receive more signs.

You’ll find when you start to do this, feathers will pop up everywhere in your life.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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