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The things we want in the future, the things we desire, will usually be the things the Universe is actually nudging us to go and get.

But when we try and get these things, the human part of us all of a sudden fills us with doubt.

All the negative thoughts start rushing in and we find every possible excuse to talk ourselves out of why we are not deserving of the lovely things the Universe actually wants us to have.

Our big fat logical brain might say no, but when our heart and soul get behind it, far out, do things become easier.

We really need to genuinely do it though, we can’t just talk about this shit. We’ve got to actually keep going and keep trusting that it’s going to happen.

And look I get it, trusting is really one of the hardest fucking things to do. It’s funny how people talk about it as if it’s easy. As if all you have to do is just trust and wait and see.

It takes practice to be able to actually trust the process properly, but the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Actually play it out in your head as if it has happened already.

Keep believing and just trust.

Remember, you really are a fucking Amazing specimen and the Universe really does have your back. Try and trust that and actually visualise ticking off those goals. You are so deserving of the Fabulous future that awaits you!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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