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The best way to get an Energetic connection to Spirit is through Meditation. It’s really important however in order to get that connection, we must first make sure we are in the right Energetic zone.

When I was first starting my Spiritual development, Meditation was important to me so I was doing it ALL the time. I cannot tell you how much of a difference that made. Not because my Meditations were soooo ‘deep’ and perfect, but because I could tell when I was in the zone and when I wasn’t.

Being in that zone is so important for you to be able to tune in and understand the messages and signals coming through. It allows you to interpret the signs.

We almost have to detach from what we’re thinking, feeling and doing on a day-to-day basis to have that absolute Energetic connection to Spirit.

The key with Meditation is consistency. Consistent Meditation gives you the opportunity to know how it feels. But meditation doesn’t need to be sitting in silence or sitting quietly. The act of meditation is simply to bring yourself into the present moment.

You can do this on your morning walk or driving in the car. Stop and take a look around you. REALLY look around you. Notice the trees, the colours in the sky, the textures in the clouds. Notice all the smells. Listen in to the sounds. What can you hear? This in itself is meditation. Being in the present!

Personally, when I first started Meditating, I always found it easier to use guided Meditations. Even when I wasn’t listening to a guided Meditation, I would still create my own version of one.

For example, I would imagine a scene in my mind and talk myself through the Meditation like I was walking on a path. Or I was going through a gate. Or I was in a house etc. That way, there was still part of me that was connected.

I personally still find it very difficult to do any Meditations which ask you to empty your mind. They just don’t work for me.

This is an example of a Beautiful guided Meditation I used to do for myself which also helped balance my Energy. I’ll imagine I’m walking up a set of stairs made out of either Clear Quartz Crystal or Selenite. Each time I put my foot onto a step, the step lights up a certain colour. Each step then represents the different colours associated with the Chakras.

For example, the first step I put my foot on is red, representing the Base Chakra for grounding. Then the next step is orange, representing the Sacral Chakra. The next step is yellow, representing the Solar Plexus Chakra. The next step is green representing the Heart Chakra. The next step is light blue representing the Throat Chakra. The next step is deep blue, representing the Third Eye Chakra and then finally up to the last step which is purple, representing the Crown Chakra.

When I was doing this, I would let the feeling of each colour and the Energy that came through each Chakra just wash throughout my body.

I wasn’t consciously trying to make a connection to anybody or anything. I wasn’t trying to see anything in particular. I was simply just allowing the feeling to flow throughout my body and let the Healing come through.

The guided Chakra stairs Meditation in particular, is a really nice one to try if you are first starting out.

There are so many different variants of Meditation you can do. But when you do them, you need to try and be conscious of how they make you feel at the time because that’s how you’re going to be feeling when you’re getting Psychic downloads. That’s how you’re going to be feeling when the Universe is coming through to you, particularly if you want to connect.

When I’m with a client, either doing a Healing or Reading, I’ll often just pause, take a breath and I’ll literally feel myself moving away from my own Energy and into my client’s Energy. Meditation helped me clarify what that feeling was. And that’s a really important and very significant part of what I do in my line of work.

Meditation actually slows down your brain. It slows down your thinking and lets your mind and train of thoughts take a step back.

One of my clients for example, who had been working on their Energetic connection, was doing really well with the connection side of things.

But because their mind was going a million miles an hour, Spirit was having trouble getting the messages through to them.

There was simply way too much going on in my client’s mind for the messages to properly come through.

This is a perfect example of how Meditation really helps. It slows down the mind, allowing us to actually receive the messages. How you feel when you’re getting your messages during Meditation will be unique to you. You will know how it works specifically for you.

Meditation is so significant for your Psychic connection and it absolutely clarifies your connection to Spirit.

That’s why it’s important to try and get into the habit of doing it as often as you can in whatever way works for you.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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