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Sometimes, it’s so bloody important to just walk the fuck away from something.

It can actually be a saving grace.

There will be a whole lot of stuff in life which could easily make you really angry or upset, so sometimes just walking away is incredibly valuable.

There will also be stuff you’ve already walked away from in the past which you’ll still doubt, feel guilty about and question whether or not you should have actually walked away.

I'm here to remind you the answer is YES. Yes, you fucking should have!

Some things just can’t last forever. Sometimes you do your bit, you leave and it’s done.

There are just some circumstances beyond your control and self-preservation is very important.

Remember that.

Walking away from those negative thoughts in our head is also incredibly important. Thoughts that are going to get you into trouble, or make you spiral out of control, or cause anxiety or even make you want to ‘ark up’ at people. These are definitely the type of thoughts to walk the fuck away from.

Remember your Awesomeness and remember to love the absolute shit out of yourself. You don’t have to be all things to all people and walking the fuck away will sometimes be the best thing you could have done!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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