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The Clairs are a set of Intuitive senses which go beyond our five basic senses. We use the Clairs when we tap into our Intuition, Guidance and Psychic abilities to pick up the Psychic messages coming through for someone.

Each Clair relates to a different way in which we tune in to people’s Energy. They can be used in both Psychic and Mediumship work.

When we are using the Clairs on a Psychic level, we’re tuning into the Energy of someone who is still here, a living person. With Mediumship however, we use the Clairs to tap into the Energy of someone who is no longer with us, someone who has passed over.

There are 8 different types of Clair senses;

· Clairvoyance (seeing)

· Claircognizance (knowing)

· Clairaudience (hearing)

· Clairempathy (emotional feeling)

· Clairsentience (physical feeling)

· Clairtangency (touching)

· Clairalience (smelling)

· Clairgustance (tasting)


Clairvoyance is known as clear seeing. The way you see things in a Psychic or Mediumship capacity is often not actually seeing something in front of you with your eyes. Occasionally it can be, though usually it will be visions being shown to you in your mind (almost in the back of your brain).

If you have a session with me, you’ll notice I won’t necessarily be looking directly at you when I’m talking to you and relaying the messages. Instead, I’ll be looking past you, or beside you, or at the curtains, or the ceiling, or all around the room.

This is because, at that time, I’m actually being shown colours, images, signs and symbols in my mind. Sometimes, I’ll even be purposely drawn to objects I have hanging in my room during the session, as if they are calling out to me, trying to get my attention as a signal or message coming through.


Claircognizance is clear knowing. You’ve probably experienced a feeling of just knowing something, without necessarily knowing how you actually know it. But this one can come with a lot of self-doubt so

Trust becomes super important for this one. You need to trust your Instincts, Guidance and Intuition, then that ‘just knowing’ feeling will flow a lot easier and make much more sense.

Personally, I don’t know how I fucking know things, I just do! But being positive and looking on the bright side of life really does play a big part in growing your trust, faith and hope.

Having an optimistic, high vibe approach really lets the Claircognizance come through and lets that ‘knowing feeling’ grow, develop and evolve. Remember to give thanks & gratitude when your claircognizance is correct so you can receive more information that way in the future!


Clairaudience is clear hearing - being able to hear people, sounds or words that aren’t there. You can hear the voices of loved ones, or you can hear random bits of music popping into your head. Music is actually a really significant way for our past love ones, Angels or Guides to get a message through to us. It’s not easy for them to get messages through to us, so sometimes they’ll drop a song into your head.

You’ll wake up in the morning and out of nowhere there will be a random song in your head that you can’t stop singing. When this happens, try and think about the meaning behind the song. See if you can remember where you were when you heard it for the first time. Have you heard that song before at a significant event? Have a think about how the tune makes you feel. Look up the lyrics and see if there is a message in them. What do the words mean to you?

Often when I’m doing readings, I’ll have other peoples loved ones give me words or short sentences that I will then relay back to my client word for word. That is a perfect example of clear Clairaudience messages for that person. I’ve even had Angels and Guides of clients be very blunt and swear when passing on a message for my clients. When they feel something needs to be said, they don’t hold back!

A significant turning point in the development of my Clairaudience, was when I was about 19 years old. I was driving at night, on my own in the dark and I got a really clear message to stop. I literally heard, ‘STOP, stop the car,’ over and over again. When I stopped the car, low and behold another car came around the corner which would have completely wiped me out.

After that car had passed, I went to take off again and I heard the message ‘STOP’ again. But this time, it was even stronger, clearer and louder. So, as I stopped, a second car came around the corner which would have absolutely written the first car and I off and killed us both. That right there was an example of Clairaudience and a particular trigger for me to start looking into the Woo Woo world a bit further.


Clairempathy is a clear emotional feeling. Having empathy is something a lot of people have yet they don’t connect it to being a Psychic or an Intuitive gift. Let me tell you, it really is!

If you can connect with someone and feel what they are feeling, that right there is a gift. For example, people who cry in sympathy when someone else is crying, is because they are actually feeling what the other person is feeling.

When I was developing my Clairempathy, I was in a café with a school Mum I had only just met, having coffee. On the table behind us, there was a woman on a phone call who burst into tears and was quite hysterical. While I was talking to my new friend (who I had only met twice), tears begin to pour down my face, which I had no control over.

The woman on the phone had received bad news and I could physically feel her heartache. I explained to my friend I needed to go over to the woman and give her a hug and when I did, it turns out she had just received the news her Dad had had a heart attack.

My reaching out to her in that moment allowed her to regroup her Energy & thinking – she was very grateful & I was very glad to have shifted her big feelings for her AND me. Remember that developing your abilities can show up in life when you least expect it.


Clairsentience is physical feeling what someone else is going or has been through. Sometimes I will physically experience pain or other sensations in my body that I know is not mine. When I explain it to my client, they always know whether that feeling belongs to them or a passed Loved one. Be aware when you suddenly start to have aches or pains you might actually be tuning into what the person next to you is feeling.

A lot of the time, if you say out loud where you’re experiencing the pain, you may notice another person in the room voice they are or have experienced feeling pain in the same area. This is then helpful to know that the pain you’re experiencing is not actually yours - you’re just tuning into someone else’s. At this point you can tell your Angels and Guides “thank you, we understand that now” and then ask them to take it away from you.

Clairsentience is a really helpful way to get messages across. I may be physically feeling what my client is feeling so it can be brought up and discussed. There will always be some sort of connection as to why I suddenly feel what they are feeling. I will always feel it for a reason.

It also helps to build trust with clients if I am picking up on a particular pain they haven’t told anyone else about. It can help give them confirmation that I am the real deal.


Clairtangency is clear touching. You will physically feel someone perhaps touching your face or rubbing your hands. I have people say to me they have felt a hand on their shoulder.

Clairtangency is not something I personally get very often though I know a lot of people who do. I will see more of a vision of someone rubbing a hand, rather than physically feeling it. For example, if someone has passed away in a hospice or hospital, the passed loved one coming through will be showing me a vision to tell me they remember someone was holding their hand when they passed.

Sometimes during Healings with clients, my hands will be drawn to a part of my body, as the passed love one coming through is making me aware of which body part they are wanting to talk about. For example, I’ll be drawn to touching my hair because the message coming through was that the passed love one remembered their hair being played with, when they passed. Or to show us that Nanna loved to play with your hair as a kid.


Clairsalience is clear smelling and this one is very helpful to indicate who you might be connecting with or talking to. For example, you might smell someone’s aftershave or you may smell a lavender fragrance like the one somebody had in their bedroom. You may even smell a cigarette smoke, or a familiar odor. These smells can present themselves regardless of whether or not the person is still here or has passed over.

Whatever smell is coming through, there is a reason as to why you’re picking up on it. They are trying to get a message through by giving you a smell that reminds you of something in particular. Be aware, these smells can happen anywhere, at random times. You might be in the car or at the supermarket and then all of a sudden, you will smell a very familiar scent.


Clairgustance is clear tasting. I LOVE when I’m with a client and I taste chocolate in my mouth because a passed loved one is telling me of their favourite chocolate. YUMMO! During one particular reading I could taste delicious homemade tomato sauce. This was because I was connecting with my clients passed loved one, who used to make homemade sauce with my client and so the past love one coming though wanted me to pass on the message of how much of a special, significant, family tradition that they loved participating in with my client.

Do not get overwhelmed by all this information. When I was developing my abilities I didn’t get all the Clair senses all at once. It’s as if my Angels and Guides almost drip-fed me to see which one I was going to pick up first. They wanted to see which one they could actually communicate with me the best. Once I developed one Clair, then all the others started to filter in as well.

Most people will already be using one or more of the Clair senses without even realising it. Being conscious of the different Clair senses and how they can bring messages across to us. This is really important when you are trying to expand your abilities.

These Clair senses are a bloody Psychic superpower so make sure you love the shit out of them and be very grateful for them. Let yourself experience when they work together to make your information & messages super clear for you & the person you are working with.

Whenever you get a message through any of the Clair senses, always give thanks and gratitude to whatever the fuck you believe in. It lets ‘Them’ know that you acknowledge the information & they assist you with that method again.

The more you do this the more messages you will continue to receive and the easier it will be to expand and develop your incredible Clair senses.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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