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Look, I get it, it’s not easy to love yourself all the time. But a good place to start is to have a think about all the things you appreciate about yourself.

Why not try and let go of all the things that piss you off about yourself and instead focus on all the things that you’re actually really thankful for.

As humans we tend to not do this very well, or we’ll do it well for a minute and then we’re right back to being mean to ourselves again.

Don’t be mean to yourself!

You deserve to be nice to yourself. And don’t forget, you are also deserving of having more.

You are allowed to want more.

You are allowed to add more to the already Amazing things about yourself.

Remember, the Universe bloody loves you, so you should join in and bloody love yourself too! You really are fucking Awesome and so worthy of being loved, especially by you.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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