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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

An Aura is basically the Energy around someone.

Some people can see Auras. They will describe seeing large amounts of different colours around a person, like a coloured Energy field. These colours can then be used to determine how a person is feeling.

If you are lucky enough to physically see colours around someone, each colour will mean something.

Different colours will mean different things to different people. Don’t feel like a certain colour is set in stone to a particular meaning. Each colour will resonate with a unique meaning to you.

When I was first learning about Auras, I would see white light around people. It was a small amount of pale white light, just around the outside of their bodies. I would describe it almost as if someone was highlighted from behind.

For me personally, as I moved forward through my Woo Woo journey, I discovered that I don’t tend to visually see the colours of Auras. Instead, with my abilities, it’s more of a feeling I get from people’s Energy. I can actually feel what a person’s Energy is, rather than physically see their Energy as a particular colour.

And that’s why all this Woo Woo stuff is Amazing, because we all have our strengths in different areas.

If you would like to work on physically seeing Auras as colours, a good way to start practicing is to have someone stand in front of a neutral coloured wall and get them to close their eyes. Stand across from them and look directly at them. It sounds a little strange, but you almost need to stare at them until you start to see a little bit of a shimmer around them. It’s a bit like those 3D Magic Eye ‘Stereogram' pictures from the 90’s, where you would stare at an image to find another hidden 3D image inside of it.

It’s a mix between softening your gaze, relaxing and staring at the person as if you are ‘un-tuning’ your eyes and letting them go in and out of focus to get an image of an Aura.

These days, there are even special cameras which can take a photo of your Aura. They capture the electromagnetic field surrounding your body which is being represented by colours.

You’ll probably find these cameras at Psychic Expo’s or Spiritual Festivals. But know that it will just be a snapshot of where your Energy is at on that particular day. It doesn’t mean your Aura will always be that same colour(s) forever.

Whatever colour you feel is raising your vibration and making you feel more Spiritually connected (for example you many start to see the colour purple when you are first starting out) then the more Spiritual practice you do, the more likely you will start noticing a lot more of the colour purple.

Auras are a Beautiful thing and certainly something I would highly recommend learning more about.

Of course like always, if you find someone who teaches Aura work, make sure they feel right to you and you’re drawn to them. Make sure there is that connection which resonates with you.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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