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The Throat Chakra is what helps us with our communication.

And whether or not you’re an expert in Chakras, or you’re new to Chakras, if our Throat Chakra is out of whack, boy do we know about it!

Most times it’s usually out because we haven’t been speaking up for ourselves. We haven’t been speaking nicely to ourselves.

We haven’t been listening very well. Maybe people have been talking AT us and not to us.

Or people have been trying to tell us something they need, but instead we’re just hearing the same shit and doing the same shit over and over again and so there’s no change.

If we’re not willing to change, evolve and do what needs to be done in order to move forward, our Throat Chakra will become unbalanced.

So where does this fit for you at the moment?

What is your Throat Chakra saying about you?

You need to ask yourself, are you being mean to yourself?

Are you letting that voice in your head be an asshole?

If so, you need to tell it to fuck off!

We are way too Amazing to be talking down to ourselves and way too important to have our Throat Chakras out of whack. Be the Magnificent person you are and be nice to YOU, because the way we treat ourselves sets the bar for how others treat us.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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