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Random stuff happens.

You know those ‘What the Fuck days’? The days where we just have the most incredible, shithouse, awesome, fucked up, amazing, fucking ridiculous day, full of so many highs & lows all in one.

Like what the fuck! How the hell can all this be going on at once?

Life. That’s how.

Sometimes it creates a whole heap of chaos and gets up in your face. And sometimes it creates a soft environment for us where we feel all lovely and mooshy.

You have to be flexible & confident that you can handle both. Because you can. You have to this point – so of course you will into the future.

We try to control the chaos (positive & negative) around us. It’s part of being human!

What that does though is put our Energy on edge or out of balance.

Then you’re just fighting a losing battle, draining your Energy & making yourself feel worse.

It becomes this shitty cycle that you get stuck in. I want to help you to get out of it.

Resetting your Energy is a significant thing & you can’t always do that by yourself so give yourself a god damn break! Reset your Energy by reaching out to someone who can help with that (me!) or do the things you know have worked in the past or whatever resonates for you in this moment. It might be something new.

Be brave & give it a go!

Put yourself in a position where you can handle when dumb shit happens, because sometimes it just happens.

It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re not being punished. It’s just fucking human life! That’s how it rolls.

Recognise that WTF’s happen in life & you are not alone in experiencing that. You are a beautiful, gorgeous, awesome human, & you deserve good things to happen so let’s encourage that. You are also brilliant enough to go with the flow when things turn to shit. You know they’ll turn around again, right?

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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