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A super important part of developing your intuition, tapping into your guidance and listening to the messages, is all about YOU and your Energy being in the right place.

It’s so much easier for the messages to come through if you are in a good space and your Energy is balanced.

If you want to be able to trust your guidance a little more or understand the messages you’re getting a little more clearly, your own Energy balance is important.

For example, between clients’ I always make sure I have some down time, so my Energy is in a good space.

It’s not like doing Energy work drains me or takes Energy from me, but to give my clients’ the best of my abilities it’s really quite significant for my Energy to be in the right zone.

You will have your own unique way to raise your vibe and balance your Energy. We all connect differently.

Some people like to get a Healing or Reading. Others might like to go for a walk, have a bath, light candles around the house. For some of us, the best place to help us get in that good space might be in a forest, under a favourite tree, or at the beach or river to be near the water.

It will be whatever helps you feel balanced. Whatever gets you in the zone and lets you have those ‘aha moments.’ Because those moments when you do actually receive a message are a big deal.

When you do have those moments, always try and remember to acknowledge them and show gratitude. Gratitude is so important because it magnifies our messages. It really opens us up to receiving more signs and signals from the Universe, our Angels and Guides, passed loved ones, Spirit, or whatever you believe in.

If you think about it logically, when we feel sad, angry or exhausted then everything is already more difficult, let alone trying to get messages. That’s why having our Energy balanced plays such a big role in connecting to Spirit. It is literally like learning another language and you can’t learn when you’re tired or feeling off.

So doing what it is that fills you up and makes you feel good is the best place to start. You don’t have to feel 100% Awesome. That’s not the only way you’re going to get messages. It really just helps to make the whole process that little bit easier if your Energy is aligned and you are not overthinking everything.

To get in The Zone and do what I do to deliver messages from Spirit to my clients, I have to ‘step out of my own body’ and get out of the way of the messages coming through. Sounds totally weird doesn’t it?!?

It’s not like I’m having an outer body experience. It’s more like I am just telling my own Energy & conscious mind to step aside so I can let the messages come through me.

It’s not like I speak in tongues or anything. Its about trusting the messages I am receiving and the things I am being shown are right. Removing the self-doubt of my logical brain is really important because sooooo much of what comes through makes no fucking sense to me at all!

Sometimes when I am with a client, a random image will pop into my mind which clearly means nothing to me. But when I relay the image back to my client, it means everything to them. Knowing that you will likely get messages not just for yourself but for other people as well is important.

It doesn’t matter how deep you would like to tap into your guidance, whether it’s to work with other people or just for yourself. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Your own unique way it works for you is the correct way and that’s just another of the many reasons why I love everything to do with woo woo!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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