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You are enough!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you are already awesome enough.

You can be more or do more, absolutely. But if you are wasting your Energy on beating yourself up mentally rather than focusing that brilliant resource on something positive for you or others, that shit stops now.

Watch where your brain goes.

Watch where your thinking goes.

Stop & acknowledge what the voices in your head are saying. Sometimes it’s helpful but sometimes it will fuck you over & take you down a path that you don’t need to go.

Take charge in that gorgeous mind of yours & tell the mean or negative voice/s to fuck off!

You’ve done heaps of shit others haven’t. You’ve had experiences in your life that haven’t played out exactly the same to anyone else. You’ve survived it all, therefore you are fucking amazing!!! Remember that.

Look back for a moment & take a peek at all the crap you’ve already come through. Remind yourself that you know how to turn the good & the bad into more good.

It’s not a matter of deciding you’re done with negativity & slamming the brakes on. It’s acknowledging that you are enough, just as you are now & wherever you are now. You can stop beating yourself up with all the bullshit things in your head & just get on with all the things that you are capable of. Those things are valuable & important.

Where you are is awesome, who you are is brilliant & what you’ve done is the very best you could with what you had in each moment.

You are brilliant just the way you are.

You are enough!

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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