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Being happy with who you are is a very tricky thing.

There is so much contradiction around this topic and all of it is relevant. That makes it even more tricky to find a solid connection to our internal sense of Joy.

Many of us are drowning in self-doubt as a result of our past experiences which can make us want to change parts of ourselves in the hope of ‘fixing’ who we are.

You don’t need to fix you. Let’s call it evolving instead.

Change, growth and personal development are really important aspects of being human and connecting to our sense of purpose. Wouldn’t it be great to do these things for the pleasure of seeing how far you can go in the future instead of covering up the crap from your past?

I’d Love for you to stop for a moment and appreciate the shit out of the version of you that you are this very moment.

You really are Fabulous!

Difficult to believe those words on this screen when you are busily (subconsciously) adding another layer of self-loathing from that nasty voice in your head. About time to tell it to fuck off don’t you think?!?

Let that gorgeous heart of yours shine some Love on to yourself for a change.

You are a never-ending source of sensational Energy. Ask your mind to recognise that so there is some clear space in your head too.

The overthinking is feeding your self-doubt. Try your best to filter all that shit. Your heart and Energy is totally fucking Amazing, just the way it is.

If your heart truly desires something, then go and fucking get it.

If fake eyelashes, new boobs, a career change or gaining a degree will truly make you happy, then that’s Awesome. Go ahead and get them.

But if there’s a chance you get them and you’re still comparing yourself to other people and feeling inferior, then fuck that! The external stuff is not the issue.

You, just being you, is enough! Comparison to others or the younger version of yourself will never take you closer to happiness.

What makes you feel resilient and content? This is an important question we need to ask ourselves more often.

If your heart truly desires to change direction, then go and fucking do it. You are more than capable of getting what you desire. It’s really important you realise that.

As I always say (because it’s so bloody important to hear) please remember to love the absolute shit out of yourself and make sure you’re loving this current version of you - not the shorter/taller, bigger/smaller, smarter/wealthier, boobier/eyelashier you.

The you, just the way you are.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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