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Guess what?

You matter!

Yes you, I’m talking about you.

All the stuff you contribute to, all the stuff you are a part of, all the ways you connect with different people, different things and different experiences. They all matter.

You really fucking matter, because you’re basically made of matter and that right there is nothing short of Awesome, which means you are Awesome!

So please remember that. Remember just how Awesome you really are and just how important you are.

Even if you’re in a job you’re not loving at the moment, remember to look around and appreciate the work you’re doing.

Try and find some sort of satisfaction from it. Try and focus on the assistance you bring to others and the importance in whatever element of genius you are.

We all have an element of genius, whether it’s packing boxes or creating something Magnificent. Whatever it is, it’s still a contribution.

You’re still making a difference, you’re still valuable and what you do really does matter, because you matter.

Remember, you are an incredibly important, treasured creature, who is very much needed here on Earth. What you do really does matter.

You matter! You always have and you always will.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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