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We all have shit going through our heads constantly.

How often has your brain gone backwards and forwards in time to relive moments that may not have gone so well?

I bet that sometimes you change that up a bit by flipping forward to worry about how you’re actually going to do the thing that’s coming up for you.

Humans are complicated, aren’t we?!?

It really helps if you try and stay somewhere in the middle as much as possible. Try not to reminisce too much and try not to look too far ahead into the future. Not always easy though… sometimes a reminder like this one helps. 😉

If you’re able to stay more in the middle (present), you’re able to come back to that sense of alignment where you can acknowledge that what’s done is done. Things in the past will stay there and what’s coming up in the future, well, seriously who the fuck knows.

If you have gotten yourself to this point in your life, however fucking old you are, then YAY, you did it.

You’ve come this far and that’s Brilliant. You deserve to take a moment to celebrate that!

Think of all the dead people you know that maybe didn’t get as long on the planet as they would have liked. The ones who we miss terribly and even the ones who we have regrets about.

All those people are a Beautiful reminder that you have to fucking LIVE. You have to take the opportunities that you have here and now and make the most of them.

You are totally worth having things go right for you and you are totally brave enough to make the fucking change you’re scared of, to get what you want. Please believe that!

Please remember just how Awesome you truly are. Don’t downplay that shit! Use your time wisely doing something you’ve always wanted to do.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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