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Kids love the Woo Woo world and crave Insight & Guidance as much as adults do.  


The Awesome Kids Gift Pack contains a deck of the Awesome Kids Oracle Cards, a pendulum and a crystal chip bracelet, giving any child the basics to start tapping in their Intuition.


Having their own deck of Oracle Cards that provide beautifully Uplifting & Positive messages, along with a crystal pendulum & bracelet intuitively chosen just for them, supports children to feel Connected & gain Clarity in what can often be an overwhelming world.


The Awesome Kids Gift Pack is the perfect gift for children of all ages.


Note - Pendulum & bracelet will be chosen Intuitively by Lyndy Jewell so may differ from those shown in the images. Don't forget to also include the name of the child receiving the gift as a personalised gift card is included in the pack.


The Awesome Kids Gift Pack

  • $10 flat rate shipping in Australia

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