Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I will try my best to look on the bright side whenever I can.  Although this does sometimes take me to the edge of “Crazy Town”, I feel that for me it lets me allow most of the bad shit that happens in this beautiful, random thing we call Life just bounce off me.  For example, I did a first aid course on the weekend and the lovely trainer pointed out that Victoria (my home state) is the Asthma capital of the world.  “Yay! We won something”, was the first thing that blurted from my mouth.  No, I’m not really proud of an illness accolade, but for my Heart and Energy levels I feel that dwelling on the sad repercussions of that new-found information is not the best thing for me or those around me.

Think about the last thing someone close to you said or did that immediately had you feeling defensive, angry, sad, doubting yourself, astounded etc.  How easy is it for you to really FEEL the Energy of their words all over again right now?  It hurts and brings us down and I don’t like it.  Now I’m no psychologist and all this is my own personal observations so take it or leave it as best suits you, but being able to hear the opinion of someone who tends to be ‘abrasive’ (and we all have a few of them in our lives that we can’t avoid! ;-P) and then flipping their (usually unintended) verbal bad vibes then we can walk away from that encounter Energetically unscathed.  When we are able to see any spiteful words for what they are – the deep down sadness of the person that said them busting out, not an actual reflection of YOU – then it gives the nice voice inside our heads the opportunity to pipe up with a positive retort, rather than giving ammunition to that horrible little voice of self-doubt.

I completely understand that when we have felt verbally or emotionally attacked in the past then we build up defence mechanisms such as:

  • Shutting down feelings
  • Avoiding negative people (you can’t – broken people are everywhere ☹)
  • Drowning our hurt feelings with food or alcohol
  • Retaliating with aggressive/defensive words

We build emotional walls to try to protect the soft and gentle bits of our heart that feels the most pain during those awful encounters but in doing that we can shut off the gorgeous, loving, joyful bits of us too.  Energetically this can cause a bit of a vortex that sucks our Energy levels dry and leaves us feeling pretty flat.

Pulling yourself out of the hole that has been created can be tough.  If you recognise a connection to feelings of self doubt or despondency and need a hand to drag yourself away from that and towards the brighter emotions that you enjoy faaaaaaaar more, contact me to arrange a Healing session.  If you’ve never tried anything like Psychic Energy work before then now is the time to give something new a try – I promise it won’t hurt and who knows, you just might be glad you did!

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx