Happy Winter Solstice!  What a perfect time to be talking about Clove essential oil.  It has beautiful warming yet anti-inflammatory properties that are great for aching muscles and joints if you blend it with a base oil and rub it on your beautiful self (never put undiluted essential oils on your skin).  Also great way to deal with mould or mildew in your home if you mix it with vinegar or vodka and use it as a cleaning product.  It ramps itself up to awesome status if you add your favourite citrus oil/s to a cleaning blend to really lift the vibe of your home while keeping it sparkly clean!

At an Energetic or Spiritual level, Clove oil is your go-to aromatherapy choice for releasing attachments.  It will support you in letting go of emotional junk like pain, anger, fear and self doubt so that you can move forward and grow in the way that is going to let you be a brighter, shinier version of yourself.  How are you going to help others and do good things for yourself, your family and the world in general if all that emotional shit you’ve been quietly stewing on for ages is still there holding you back or slowing your progress down?  Clear it out, fly forward and inspire others with a smile on your face and in your heart!

Love & Abundance,