Aaaah Ylang Ylang . . .  Such a wonderfully indulgent, floral scent.  The uplifting smell makes me think that the gorgeous yellow flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree said to themselves “Righto! We are going all-out, fully abundant; smell it up fellas!!!”

This oil is great for helping to balance and calm the emotions and bring a sense of peace and tranquillity into your life.  Particularly fabulous for depression and anxiety and those bewildering monthly mood swings!  Its relaxing fragrance gives us a gentle reminder that we are soooooo worth taking care of and nurturing in the way that works for YOU.  Caring for yourself is so important and if you stop right now and take a look at how you give back to yourself Physically, Mentally, Emotionally AND on a “Soul Level”, I’ll bet you’d agree it is not as often or indulgent as it could be to keep your Energy levels high enough to deal with the stresses and frustration that comes your way.

Stop the steam coming out of your ears when anger sneaks up and bites you on the bum.  Whether that anger is yours or a family member’s, having Ylang Ylang wafting around your home can calm the emotions enough for a connection to what you and your family really need to allow a respectable response to conflicts or requests.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is also a sensational oil to put in hair and skin products, as it helps with moisturising and softening.  It has antiseptic properties and can help stimulate blood flow.  As is always the rule with aromatherapy, blend the pure oil with a base oil, moisturiser or conditioner before applying to skin or hair.

So what is it you love to do that you haven’t done in ages?  Grab yourself a good big sniff of Ylang Ylang and go do that writing, walking, drawing, cooking, photography, yoga, chatting, driving, reading, cleaning, exercising, meditating, shopping, laughing, napping, or whatever it is that fills your heart with joy!

Love & Abundance,