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If we've met or you've had a session with me, you know I Love to chat!  Sharing personal insights & my perspective on how Energy work can assist anyone, anywhere is a passion that I thoroughly enjoy. 


Encouraging others to shine their own unique Vibrancy their way lights me up!  Simplifying the unknown is another skill I like to share. 

What better way to do that than on a podcast?


I am very grateful to have been invited to speak with many Gorgeous podcasters (see the links below) & am excited for more opportunities in the future.  

If there is a topic you'd like me to discuss (nothing is off limits!) on your podcast, let's chat!

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Ep. 89 - The No-BS Toolkit to Nurturing Your Inner Guide with Lyndy Jewell
The Laura Jane Layton Show - Mindful Self-Love & Gratitude
Life's transformations begin with embracing change and trusting intuition. Today, Lyndy Jewell sheds light on urgent decision-making, the fear of the unknown, and intuition's role in a fulfilling life. Join us for a deep dive into navigating uncertainties and harnessing intuition for a transformative journey.
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Ep. 51 - How to be a F*cking Honest & Intuitive Business Leader with Lyndy Jewell
The MetaBusiness Millennial
Hailing from down under, Aussie born psychic medium Lyndy Jewell is a powerhouse in the way she effortlessly weaves spiritual woo woo and practical guidance to inspire young, old and everyone in between to embrace higher living and being. This episode is an entertaining conversation of how we can all be a f*cking honest and intuitive business leader.
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Ep. 180 - MANIFESTING SERIES: Don’t F*#ken complicate the sh*t out of it with Lyndy Jewell
The Soul Led Spirit Driven Podcast
Week four in the Manifesting series with guest, Psychic Medium and Energy Healer Lyndy Jewell, also known as the 'sweary psychic' who shares with us how NOT to overcomplicate it!
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Ep. 17 - The Swearing Psychic
The Sana Project
This episode was very fun to record and we hope you enjoy the open and honest chat we had with Lyndy Jewell.
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Unfiltered Manifestation with Lyndy: The F*cking Honest Approach
Is Manifesting Bullshit?
Meet Lyndy, the creator of the "F*cking Honest Oracle Cards," a beacon of intuitive wisdom and a firm believer in one thing – action is non-negotiable in the art of manifesting. Tune in to "Unfiltered Manifestation with Lyndy" and start manifesting like never before!
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My Chat with Lyndy Jewell Psychic Medium
Shannon the Intuitive Guide
I am so excited for you guys to listen in on this chat. We talk about a bunch of woo woo-ness, how impactful Lyndy was in my journey. Enjoy being a fly on the wall.
Sparking your Wellbeing by tuning into YOUR Intuition - with Guest Lyndy Jewell - Psychic Medium
Life Is... Podcast
Lyndy shares her sparkle and wisdom on how to tap into intuition for heightened wellbeing. Lyndy has some really practical advice on wellbeing tips to assist you to step back in moments of stress, develop and maintain self forgiveness and self compassion, nurture your resilience, practice the attitude of gratitude in unexpected places and above all, remember your AWESOMENESS!
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Ep. 102 - Activating abundance with special guest Lyndy Jewell
Moon Manifesting with Kyra Howearth
In this guest episode of the Moon Manifesting Podcast, I'm chatting with Lyndy Jewell, an Australian psychic medium who tells it like it is! Lyndy shares her knowledge about manifestation, abundance activation, and overcoming common obstacles with manifestation.
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Ep 138 - How to know your loved ones are still around with the Sweary Psychic Lyndy Jewell
The Soul Led Spirit Driven Podcast
My guest today is Psychic Medium & Energy Healer Lyndy Jewell also known as the ‘sweary Psychic’. In this episode, we chat about Mediumship, connecting to Loved ones & signs you are likely already seeing that reassure you that your Loved ones are still around.
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Ep 8 - Energy Healing with Lyndy Jewell
The Little Psychic Podcast
Lyndy is someone who has been in the spiritual space for over a decade and also has some advice for anyone wanting to start their journey as a healing practitioner themselves! We will be talking about energy healing/clearing and getting down to what it actually is, what is beneficial about it and what to expect if you’ve never experienced it.
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Ep. 27 - No Sh*t, Honest Intuition withThe Sweary Psychic Lyndy Jewell
Empath | Intuitive | Heart Driven Podcast
Lyndy Jewell the Sweary Psychic and author of the hugely successful oracle decks "The Fu*king Honest Oracle Cards", "Get Fu*king Motivated Oracle Cards" and "The Awesome Kids Oracle Cards", joins me today. She tells us to honour our woo-woo OUR WAY, shares her amazing intuitive development knowledge, abundance mentality and no-sh*t guidance. Best of all, she asks us to trust ourselves and our intuitive hits (whether you're a professional psychic or a plain old muggle - we all have 'it").
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Connect to your Intuition with Psychic Medium Lyndy Jewell
The Wild Roads
Lyndy Jewell is a Psychic Medium and Energy Healer like no other. Down to earth, sooo knowledgable and a great chick. Her work is phenomenal. We know...we have both experienced it first hand. Lyndy gives the information and in her words, 'You've got to run this sh*t through your own filter'. She prefers to work with people to help them step into what works for them as opposed to the methods of some healers and mediums in the industry. Finding her own way and the sense of freedom in that has given her the perspective of finding this with her clients while helping them tap into their intuition and learn how to develop the skills to heal and drive their own guidance and motivation. You have got to listen to this episode. Short and sweet, it honestly is so unfiltered that you cannot not know how amazing Lyndy is. We just love her.
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