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Dealing with your stress & anxiety levels is not always up to you on your own. Raising your Energy & Enthusiasm for Life is something you are allowed to receive support with.  


I am here to help you with that.  


You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of positive change that can be tapped into & embraced with a bloody good dose of Clarity about your future & Intuitive Insight into what is going on for you right now. Linking with the Support & Guidance that you need to clear the Energetic crap, you will come away from a 'Lyndy session' feeling Lighter & Brighter!


There's nothing I Love more than assisting with your reconnection to a sense of Joy or Happiness that may feel as though it has been eluding you.  


  • You can feel a sense of relief & relaxation in your Body;

  • Your Mind can feel clear again to give you the space & opportunity to slow the over-thinking;

  • Your Beautiful Heart can tap into the gentle, nurturing Healing that is available for you;

  • You can feel a stronger sense of connection to whatever the fuck it is you believe in, to allow you to feel supported & nurtured more consistently.

One of the things that clients Love about a session with me, is that with a small amount of information & a friendly, relaxed chat, I can feel into what is blocking or stalling their positivity & without the need to explain it minutely or work it out themselves.


Our brain & emotions can get "tangled" to a point where you can't sort that shit out on your own. Let me help you. 


You deserve to feel good. 


Sessions & Bookings

  • 30 min

    140 Australian dollars
  • 45 min

    200 Australian dollars
  • 1 hr

    250 Australian dollars
  • 1 hr 30 min

    330 Australian dollars
  • 45 min

    140 Australian dollars

Session Packages

Session bundles are available for those wanting to give themselves consistent self care to clear away the stress & anxiety that builds up in life, receive some much needed healing &  gain some Clarity & perspective. 


PLUS, save yourself some money!

I have different bundle options available so you get to choose what works for your needs & budget.


"I have seen a few intuitive energy healers but Lyndy is one of the few people that just knows what is going on with me emotionally, physically and energetically. I don’t even have to speak for her to know what I need help with. She is amazing!
Thank you for all you do Lyndy."

~ J. H ~

"Lyndy is so warm and welcoming! Every session is different and very nurturing and leaves me feeling lighter and more at ease.
Lyndy- you have an amazing gift at tapping in to a persons energy and moving out all of the negative, stagnant energy that I had been carrying around with me. You help me release everything I don’t need to be holding on to and reset and nourish my energetic system giving me more mental clarity, emotional peace and energetic recharge.
You are wonderful and I absolutely love my sessions with you and appreciate all of the guidance you give me along the way."
Lyndy is truly magnificent. I recently had a Healing Session with Lyndy and it was amazing. After the session I felt more worthy, loved, determined and at the same time a lot lighter and grounded. The energy boost, rebalance and clarity I was desperately needing. These sessions are now part of my self care practice.
Highly recommend!!!"


~ ZOE ~

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