Work with me



Let’s spend some quality time together online where we help you gain Clarity & Insight about what is going on around you.  We’ll shift how your past is Energetically impacting you & tap into the Awesomeness that is available to you in your future.

All sessions are a totally fabulous opportunity for Insight & Clarity.  You can choose how long you’d like yours to go for.  There will always be a bloody good dose of Healing/Energy Clearing though if you want to feel really Relaxed & Blissed Out I highly recommend you choose the 90 minute option so we can go deep with sorting out your crap!



I bloody LOVE helping others clear their Energy & expand their own Intuitive superpowers!

Take a look at what is on offer right now:

  • Intro to Crystals

  • Intro to Woo Woo

  • Oracle Card Course