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Lyndy Jewell is a high vibe, down-to-earth Psychic Medium who tells it like it is! If you are seeking to work with someone who will clear your Energetic crap & help you increase your Energy levels, then Lyndy is the Intuitive Healer for you.  If you don’t like swear words, then she’s definitely not . . .



'I was lucky enough last week to have the lovely Lyndy do a reading for me. Her rawness and energy is what drew me to her and everything we covered was authentic and the conversation flowed organically. I will be booking a reading again in the future.'

Shannon Holt-Cosgrove

'I recently completed a month of 1:1 mentoring with Lyndy & I came out the other side with so much more clarity and confidence in my intuition. I love how Lyndy works with how I work and helps me enhance my gifts rather than pushing how she works onto me. I highly recommend working with Lyndy with refining your intuition & using your unique gifts in the world products and the shopping experience at your store. Get your site visitors excited to jump into action!'
'Lyndy took me through a beautiful session and really confirmed a lot of what I needed to hear. She has a light loveable energy whilst being real and honest which I adore. Thank you Lyndy for providing the clarity I needed.'

Julia Poppleton

Kirsten Albon

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