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Lyndy Jewell is a high vibe, down-to-Earth, 'Sweary' Psychic Intuitive Healer who likes to keep it real.

A session with Lyndy is an absolutely Fabulous way to reduce your feelings of overwhelm or anxiety, as well as gain some Insight into what is available to you in the future.


With her light hearted approach to Energy work, you will finish your session, whether online or in person, with a sense of Brightness & Tranquility. No fluff or bullshit when working with Lyndy! She's a straight talker & a little bit sweary, so come prepared to hear exactly what you need to know with some Love & laughter thrown in too.



My 1:1 mentoring is all about your Personal, Energetic & Business growth. Having me by your side helping you flourish into the new version of you & your epic work in the world with confidence & clarity.

Mentoring is a Brilliantly supportive way to get yourself past the hurdles that are slowing you down so you can do the work & help the people like you know you are here for.


What Clients Say...

'Lyndy is the most amazing healer and each time I have been to see her I am absolutely blown away with her accuracy of where I am at and excited about where I am going. When you are in Lyndy's healing room, you will feel like you're wrapped in a big hug, feeling so loved and supported. After each session I leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Do yourself a favour and go and check this amazing woman out. She's truly one of a kind.'

Kirsten Albon
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Love & Abundance
Lyndy xxx

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