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There are so many signs from The Universe (or whatever the fuck you believe in) around us all the time, especially in nature. You don’t have to be a full-on hippy weirdo to see the signs and get some Guidance & a reminder to seize the opportunities.

There are opportunities everywhere. To grab them by the balls and run with them is amazing, though you may need a prompt.

Sometimes, someone will offer us an opportunity & we think we couldn’t possibly & it’s not for us. We make all the excuses & find the very first block to stop us taking the opportunity.

We have an idea or a brilliant possibility & our brain tells us all the reasons why we can’t do it. Too fat, too thin, too old, too young, too tall, too short…fuck that!

Don’t say no to an opportunity because your logical brain makes you think “oh, I couldn’t possibly!” I want to call bullshit on that. You are more amazing than your self-doubt will allow you to believe. Nudge past the doubt & get on with achieving the Awesome shit you are here for!

If someone is telling you that you are amazing at something, you need to listen.

Some people will listen to things and instantly action them while others need to sit with things for a while, which could be an hour or a week. It doesn’t matter really so long as you sit & actually consider it.

If you are not an immediate action taker, you are not fucking broken. You might just need to let all the pieces fall into place to be able to get that momentum for yourself.

If there is something you have wanted to do for a while, your Heart, Soul, Angels & Guides (or again, whatever the fuck you believe in!) will encourage you in that direction through signs around you. They could be tiny or abundantly clear. Time to take notice & fucking listen! Take the action required to get things rolling – your input is exceptionally important in making your desires come to fruition.

Being quick to tell the self-doubt to fuck off & embracing the opportunity is easier than fighting it.

Take note of the signs around you, particularly in Nature. Trust yourself to have just the right amount of confidence to get things started then take it step by step from there. You can’t fuck this up!

A little bit of faith in your ability to do what you need to do will help you feel happier & more joyful.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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