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We need to be aware of what we are focusing on.

Are we celebrating?

Or are we commiserating?

Are we celebrating the good Shit that’s going on around us? Are we putting our focus on the positives, the small wins?

Or are we commiserating everyone else’s drama? Are we getting caught up in everyone else’s Bullshit and taking on other people’s Energy?

Life will throw all sorts of bad Shit at us. At some point, we will all most likely experience drama, trauma, chaos and uncertainty, but there is definitely a need to keep an eye on, what we are actually paying attention to and focusing on.

When you CAN, choose to focus on celebrating!

Remember your connection to all the Awesome shit that’s out there – you are totally worthy of a good chunk of that too! Be ready & willing to receive.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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