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Sometimes we have a plan, but then all of a sudden, we change our minds and want to go in a totally different direction…this is when we freak out!

We don’t allow ourselves to change plans, we start making excuses;

  • ‘Oh, but I’ve already paid the money, so I can’t cancel’

  • ‘But I said I would, so now I can’t say no’

  • ‘I’ve told people I’ve always wanted to do it, what will they think of me if I don’t do it?’

Well, I’m going to call Bullshit on that and remind you it’s your Fucking life.

You get to choose, and you get to change your plans whenever the Fuck you want.

Don’t forget that.

The Universe (or whatever the Fuck you believe in) gives us ideas to go in a particular direction. Then, wouldn’t you know it, we get to a certain point on our path, and we feel like changing directions, because we are supposed to.

Don’t be scared of mixing things up, changing your mind doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

There’s a whole heap of crap we feed ourselves. A ton of unnecessary pressure:

  • If we don’t do what we said we were going to do

  • If we don’t complete something we said we would

  • If we haven’t achieved something by a certain age.

You Need To Remember

You need to remember, you are LIMITLESS!!!

There is absolutely nothing, you cannot do!

So don’t worry about changing your plans and moving in a completely different direction.

Shit changes. That’s what life is all about.

You are completely Awesome so OF COURSE change will become available to you. Embrace it & let it light you the fuck up!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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