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Here’s a Lovely little Energy hack that I “accidently” started doing as a kid.

I’d get very anxious going to bed so I began to go through a ‘body check’ routine that I realise now was actually bringing my Energy back to me so that I was grounded, settled and able to sleep.

You can do it too!

Whether you start at your feet or your head doesn’t matter.

Say g’day to your toes and take note of how they feel. Are they warm or cold? Are your socks comfy? Or can you feel the sheet on your bed touching a particular point? Maybe you can feel your pulse in those little wrigglers if you focus gently.

It’s up to you where you go from here. Maybe to the top of your feet.

Perhaps the balls of your feet would like some Energy focused there?

Is your whole foot happy to have your attention showered upon it at once?

Work your way up (or down if you choose to start at the top of your head) your body and notice how much you’ve relaxed.

You will probably find that the relaxation aspect slides in accidently. Your intention was not really to relax as such; more of a soft focus on bringing your Energy back to your body.

A Fabulous by product of this method is that your brain becomes a little more quieter as your attention is taken away from over-thinking and given the job of connecting purposefully with all aspects of your body.

This process can take 2 minutes or an hour. Totally up to you! It’s a great little reset opportunity and a nice one to go through with little kids if you’ve got them.

There doesn’t need to be discussion about what is being felt or experienced. Just learning the art of observation of ourselves. That change of perspective that can be so beneficial.

Remember your Magnificence and that you are worthy of checking in with yourself consistently. Chances are you already do it for everyone else in your life so why not start doing it for you too?

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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