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There is always so much to do and so many things to get done.

We had this expectation when we were little that we were going to grow up, have a house, have a family, have a horse or a dog. Then reality hits and you think “fucken hell, that dog that I was going to love & adore, shits everywhere, is a pain in the ass & leaves fur all over the place”.

We think having a baby that we are going to have the best baby ever, but reality is that it cries all night, or turns into a weirdo when they get to a teenager. Or relationships where you think you’re connecting with the love of your life but life goes on & you change & evolve. Then you think “fuck me, what are either of us doing here. It’s not right”.

Our expectations often don’t quite hit the mark with reality. That doesn’t mean you fucked up.

It happens with our career, family, relationships, children, living arrangements. We can do it anywhere in our life. But isn’t it funny how we make it about us & think we fucked up. That we didn’t get it right & think we aren’t good enough for things to be the way we expected them too.

Bullshit! It’s just life.

You can manifest the shit out of something but there is always going to be little aspects that we don’t think of or don’t quite go to plan. You can’t micromanage every aspect of manifestation. It leaves no room for things to turn out better than you could have possibly imagined at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Be forgiving of your life & your current place in it. You are a good human who is doing very well with what you’ve got.

Whatever is going on for you now, chances are some of it is going to be exactly what you wanted, but there is probably more than half that you never planned for & never fucking intended.

It’s important to remember that if things aren’t going the way you expected them to, it means fuck all about you. The fact that you’re still here, still pushing forward & getting shit done deserves a pat on the back. You are ACE!

When life doesn’t meet your expectations, embrace it anyway because it might just work out even better than you imagined.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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