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Whatever the fuck is going on, good, bad, ugly or Amazing, you’ve got this!

You can do it!

You’ve got this under control.

Whatever you get done is Awesome.

However you handle any situation - tick, done, fucking Brilliant.

Remember, you’re a sensational human so pat yourself on the back for whatever you did and whatever you got done.

Remind yourself of all the shit you’ve been through before. You know you will get through whatever is ahead as well.

You are ok.

The world will continue spinning.

And you will continue to be ok.

And sometimes ok will do. Yes, Awesome is better but ok works just fine too.

Remember that you are so much more resilient than you think you are and you will get through whatever comes your way, because you are fucking Phenomenal! Please don’t forget to love the shit out of yourself.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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