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As weird as this may sound, in regards to our goals, there really isn’t an end goal.

We’ll either get very close to reaching a goal or we’ll achieve a goal, and then we’ll be looking for then next one.

Our goals are always changing, shifting and evolving.

Sometimes, a goal you thought you once wanted, changes. You might get very close to completing it, then change your mind and move onto another goal. And that’s ok, because there really isn’t that one almighty ‘end’ goal.Instead there are endless opportunities and choices.

So please don’t forget to celebrate how close you get to your goals.

And, how you are able to pivot, change direction and move onto another goal.

Changing our goals needs to be celebrated too.

Your Sensational energy is always changing. Go with the ebb and flow of it so you can Love yourself wholly and completely.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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