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Sometimes we can be right near the end of achieving something and all of a sudden, we put the brakes on, stop what we were doing and don’t finish it.

Nine out of the ten times, we do this because of our own self- worth.

Whatever time frame you’ve put on certain things, you need to have a look at the self-worth aspect of it and remind yourself, you ARE absolutely deserving of having good things.

  • You ARE completely worthy of things going well for you

  • You ARE completely worthy of things going right

  • You ARE completely worthy of things being better than you fucking expected

Imagine this….imagine putting it out there that you want something, or you’re going to do something, or you’re going to have something and then saying, ‘well either that, or something even better!’

You really need to give yourself the option to do better than you think you can.

We limit the shit out of ourselves. Our human brains tell us all sorts for silly things like,

‘Oh, that’s probably enough, shouldn’t ask for me!’

‘Oh, probably shouldn’t give it a try because shits gone wrong in the past, so it probably will again!’

But what if it doesn’t?

There’s probably every fucking chance you’ll nail it and do really well, even better than you thought!

You need to be open to the option of everything going fucking fabulous for you, because you really are fucking Magnificent!

Simple as that!

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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