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Do you ever wake up and feel like it’s a “Fucken Nuh” kind of day?

Maybe you woke up with your Energy a little bit fucked & then when things happen, you just think it’s the worst. But really, it’s not the worst.

Sometimes there is a feeling of “clunkiness” with your Energy. Shit happens.

A change of perspective is required!

You can be all light, bright & sparkly, or intuitive as fuck. Every now & then, shit’s going to happen (because life does that) & it’s going to piss you off. Your Energy is going to be a little bit fucked.

It’s not the end of the world. No-one is going to die. Everything really is going to be ok.

There can be loads of good stuff going on for us & then out of the blue something we perceive as negative happens & it suddenly seems like everything is sliding sideways in your life. Your Energy is drained & you become a shit magnet!

There are just some days when shit goes sideways for all of us, but it doesn’t have to ruin your whole day. It doesn’t have to become the “shit spiral” where EVERYTHING turns to crap.

When this happens, stop & nurture your Energy for a little bit.

Sit for a few minutes & allow yourself to become mindful of all the good things in your life right now.

Enjoy your morning coffee as you sip it, noticing how warm it feels & how good it tastes, instead of gulping it between tasks.

Life isn’t always light & rainbows. There is stuff in life that makes us feel heavy or sluggish or slow or flat, but it’s just Energy & it will pass.

You have the ability to reset your Energy whenever you need to. Remember your Brilliance.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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