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Take a minute today to look out at the weather.

What’s it doing?

It could be still, dry, and calm so you can watch the birds having a sensational time.

It could be windy as anything, so you can watch the leaves blow around.

It could be pouring with rain, so you can watch where the water travels.

Doing this is a Beautiful way to feel connected to the Earth.

Observing nature in its simplest form like this just fills your soul.

By letting yourself stop for a minute and absorb that beauty, your Energy instantly resets.

So, if you have trouble Meditating or find it difficult to reset your Energy on your own, you can outsource it and use the weather.

Using the weather as a tool and focusing on something from nature, your Energy will reset. It puts your brain into neutral so you can feel your mind, heart and soul also taking a breath and not just your body.

Remember, you are a Superb creature who comes from Mother Nature, so letting her help you get on top of your Energy will certainly do the trick and get you back to being your Marvelous self.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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