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You ARE able to follow your Intuition.

It is nice to get to the point where you can notice when something feels right. When this happens, let yourself trust that as much as you can.

Do you find that you question it though? Oh my god, don’t we argue with ourselves magnificently?!?

That overthinking will fuck you up every time. Putting yourself in a position where your brain will settle enough for you to receive the guidance is pretty important. Monitoring your hyper active mind – even more significant.

What are you doing to calm your fucking phenomenal brain down so you can get to that beautiful, gold warm & fuzziness that’s inside you at the same time as dealing with all the chaos on the outside of you?

It’s always going to be there. You will deal with it differently on different days, depending on how you’re feeling.

Options that have worked for me:

· Walking

· Journaling

· Singing (badly)

· Bath

· Swimming

· Pet connection

· Cloud staring

· Laying on the grass looking at the bugs

· Meditation

· Oracle cards

· Art (crap art, but still, art!)

· Baking

· Dancing

How do you want to tune in to Energy work? Do you want it to be easy or are you in the habit of making things fucking hard? Totally up to you if you want to change up your approach. ;-P

As you learn more about your intuition & open up more, you will start to notice the signs & signals coming through & what they mean for you. (Note: There is a fair whack of trial & error involved here. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes)

For me, one of the signals from the Universe/Angels/Guides (whatever the fuck you believe in) is itchy ears. I know that if I start scratching at either or both ears then listening is an important message.

It could be guidance for my client or for me. It’s a fabulous physical nudge that attention is required in this area.

We often notice the physical sensation before we remember that it is a sign or signal. It can take some time to work it out but it’s possible for you too. I’ve been doing this for a long time & you know that physical sensations are my thing. I burp when I get confirmation, I yawn when I’m clearing Energy. Bellies gurgle. All sorts of things happen.

There are so many signs & signals. Learning that & growing your Intuition your way is super important but the main one right now is calming yourself enough to be able to listen

Your gorgeous big brain will continue to argue like fuck though. That’s when you might need to outsource your connection to Guidance by getting the Energetic perspective of someone who isn’t you & the voices in your head.

Allow yourself the opportunity to grow & evolve in this Intuitive space. Find your own method of calming yourself enough to tune in more clearly. You’ll be glad you did.

Love & Abundance,

Lyndy xxx

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