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How can using Oracle Cards Benefit Me?

I asked myself this exact question when I bought my first deck 30 something years ago.  

Someone said I should buy some, so I did.  Then they sat in their plastic wrapper on my shelf for 18 months because I didn't know what to do with them.  

I felt a bit weird & fraudy even owning them because I had no fucking idea what the point of them was:

  • Would I upset the Pagans/Witches/ Spirits if I opened them incorrectly?

  • Could they predict a future I didn't want?

  • How would I know if I picked the wrong one?

  • Is there a ritual I need to perform to make them work?

  • Am I spiritual enough to be allowed to use them?

Woman using pendulum and oracle cards

I worked myself into a right tizz over them thanks to the overthinking that was the exact reason I needed the bloody things!

When I finally did open them they were so vaguely worded that I couldn't really understand them.  I don't want that for you.  I would Love for you to be able to grab any Oracle card deck anywhere & utilise it to your advantage. 

Here's some tips to get you started:

Use them as a Guide 

Take the pressure off you AND the deck by remembering that they are available to you for Guidance.  Nothing more, nothing less.  

Helping you tune into YOU 

This might take a little time to embrace if you are new to the Woo Woo world.  Sometimes a meaning or 'Ah Ha moment' will come from the words written on the card.  Sometimes it will be a detail in the image or colour that will be significant to you.  Perhaps one sentence in the booklet is the kick in the ass that you need to move forward with confidence in a particular element of your life.  If it feels right, then Great!  If it feels wrong or meh, then choose another card or deck.

Choosing a card 

Everyone has an opinion on this.  You need to remember that opinions are like assholes; everyone has one but we don't want to hear about it!!!🤪  I shuffle cards badly so that is my method.  If one (or more) jump out then that is the message for me.  I often use a pendulum (see blog for how to use a pendulum) to be sure because overthinking & me still fight for control from time to time.

Oracle card spread

You can grab a chunk of cards off the top of the deck & pick the one on the top of the remaining pile. You might split the deck into three piles & take the bottom card from whichever pile you're most drawn to. 

You could throw the cards in the air & pick the one that lands closest to you or the fridge or something that is your favourite colour.  You could spread them out on the table & ask someone else to pick one for you. 

Try to make your anxiety sit down & shut the fuck up because you really, genuinely cannot get this wrong. 

Gifting you Clarity 

I Love a good Oracle card for helping you feel your reaction to what it's saying/visually representing.  Having the words or creativity of someone else in front of you can slow your brain down enough to clear some space in your head.  Sometimes we just need a little bit of a break from the overthinking or overwhelm of a situation to find your own way through.  Let the Oracle cards support you with that. 

Daily inspiration 

Different decks will have different "vibes".  This is a very good excuse to own many, many decks!  Choose the deck that you resonate with the most & pick a card from it every morning if you're going through a rough patch & feel like you need a little Energetic support.  They usually have an element of inspiration to them that will help you start your day in a clearer frame of mind. 

Oracle card in plant

You might find that one deck is enough (hahaha!) though I like to pick a new deck to use for my daily message whenever I feel like it.  Try not to over analyse or become a bit OCD with your daily routine here.  When you forget to choose a card on a particular day, you probably didn't need one. 


Enhancing your Intuitive connections 

Our logical brains can get in the way of Messages from our Angels & Guides (or whatever the fuck you believe in).  Oracle cards are a great way for them to communicate with you without getting your magnificent mind & its monkey-mania involved!  You will often get a card that is confirmation for shit you already know but are complicating in one way or another.  We're human, it's what we do...

Use your Oracle cards to help you become more aligned with your Spiritual side which in turn will assist with feeling in flow with your life as well as your ability to let. shit. go. 

There are so many reasons why having a few Oracle card decks at your disposal are a good thing.  You could even grab yourself a deck of the cards I created for an outrageously direct message plus a few laughs! 

woman holding oracle card deck

Your foray into your favourite way to use your cards is a personal preference situation.  You can't get it wrong & as long as you are having fun & feeling Lighter & Brighter for using them then you are on the right track!  Yay You 😘💜

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