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Trying to decipher the difference between messages that you receive from the Universe, Angels, Guides (whatever the fuck you believe in) & when you just get an idea in your head is tricky.

Some people do it in a snap with no problem at all. For other people, it takes a little time & practice to get to the point where you can Confidently know which is which. To be honest, it’s a constant work in progress.

I think that when we hear the term ‘Intuitive’ there’s an assumption that you will know for sure why a ‘Message’ has snuck up on you. If you have some inkling that a Message might be a Message but you can’t quite pin it down, it can really shake your confidence.

It’s very common that we can’t tell the difference between the two. It’s not that you’re fucking anything up. This shit is hard & really fucking weird.

There’s a whole lot of different ways you can learn to tell the difference between Messages & your thoughts. Do some research yourself into other ways you can clarify what is Intuitive Guidance & what is your brain kicking into gear as there are so many different ways & you need to find what works best for you.

One of the techniques I like the best is getting something in your head & almost taking yourself back a couple of seconds in time to query what you were thinking.

As humans, our brains have thousands of thoughts going a hundred mile an hour. Constantly. ALL the time! We need to remember that confirmation or a little clarity about something will drop in & our brain has moved on a few thoughts by the time we start wondering if that was a Message.

It probably fucking was a Message but not about the thing you’re thinking now. It’s about the thing you were thinking a moment ago.

You need to give yourself permission to go back a couple of steps to become aware of what you had been thinking about. You’ll probably surprise yourself at how many different topics have whizzed through you brain in two & a half seconds!!!

The other thing I would recommend you do as well is to have a think about how you feel when you know it’s a message. I’m sure you’ve received a Message before & you just KNEW it was something to pay attention to.

Even if you feel you only receive messages occasionally, you will have a little idea of how that feels. Did you see a flash of light behind your eyes? Did your elbow tingle? Did your belly gurgle? Did you think of a passed Loved one?

There’s a whole lot of different ways you need to start listening to your body & other signals to give you confirmation of the messages as well. If you think about it, as humans we are physical, mental, emotional & spiritual beings. All of these are going to contribute to your ability to get messages.

For example, I burp when I get confirmation. It took me 18 months to work that out. I would only burp in my healing room & I would only burp when it was a confirmation of something I had told a client but it took me a long time to work that out. Itchy head is another one for me. When my scalp is itchy, it’s a message coming through. My belly gurgles. My client’s belly gurgles. I yawn when I clear Energy for people. This is for me personally so yours might be different.

It’s not a conscious thing. It’s not a deliberate thing. It just happens. But it’s joining the dots along the way to work out how things work for you.

Something to be mindful of is not thinking to death the message that’s come in. You need to watch that. If you get something pop into your head & your immediate reaction is to argue with it, then it’s probably a thought. If you get something in & you wonder where the hell it came from, it’s very possibly a message. You need to work out how long that pause is for you. It’s really a trial & error situation.

If you get a thought about going somewhere because there will be a parking space available & when you get there, there isn’t one available. It probably wasn’t a message. Or perhaps it has placed you somewhere for a reason. You need to be willing to do some trial & error to work out the way the messages work for you.

I think what’s most important is to not be afraid to fuck it up. As long as you can give yourself some freedom & flexibility, it will speed up the process for you to work out what is a message & what is your thoughts & ideas.

You are probably going to be better at getting messages for other people than for yourself. We can’t help but overthink what comes in for ourselves. We’re human.

If it’s a message for us, we end up questioning it & overthinking it. Then it fades & dissipates & we swing back around to questioning “was it a Message or a thought”?!? Try not to make things harder for The Universe!

When we receive the message from someone/something else or for someone else, the message is received so much quicker & we don’t tend go so hard into the whole overthinking thing.

The doubt & overthinking will always hamper our ability to receive messages. If you are a chronic overthinker, you will need to find a way to put your brain in neutral to allow that intuitive part of you to step forward while your logical brain calms the fuck down & sits in the back seat for a moment or two. ;-P

There will be ways that you understand how this works for you. Trial & error will be your best asset in this process. Mentoring is a great tool at your disposal too.

Be willing to open up to new ideas & ways of doing things. You’ve got this.

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