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Working with the Energy of other people has taught me A LOT over a long period of time.

I see/feel/understand Energy in many different ways because it comes through different clients in different ways. Our unique experiences in life play a huge part in how our Energy flows. Nobody on the planet has the exact same set of experiences as anyone else. In fact, people who have experienced the same impactful event or upbringing may have dealt with it in vastly different ways. Therefore their Energy & perspective is going to vary enormously.

The following observations are a very broad & basic explanation of the Energy impact that can occur through various experiences. My hope is that by sharing this it could be helpful for someone else with gaining a better understanding of what might help them deal with whatever it is they are going through.


A completely unexpected set of circumstances or a very sudden or catastrophic change in someone's life or perception creates a sense of Energetic "explosion". You probably already know people who deal with shock very differently to you. Some may instantly go into some kind of "melt down" situation & at the other end of the scale are the others who become the organisers of the chaos & save their melt down for later (definitely NOT to be seen as the better of these two very limited view points).

When I work with people who have dealt with shock, no matter how long ago, I almost always observe a sense of their Energy being scattered. This can contribute to an ongoing sense of anxiety (see below) that is exceptionally difficult to sort out on your own.

Mental health professionals (bloody legends!) are fabulous at helping people through the mental & emotional sides of shock. Have you considered the Energetic impact/fall-out?

We are often told of the benefit of Grounding in a stressful or shock inducing situation though having the shocked person successfully attain that on their own is rare. The benefit of having an Energy worker assist with the "filtering" of the shock experience, then guiding or facilitating the Clearing & Consolidation of the scattered Energy can be phenomenally helpful.


Whether the passing of a Loved One or acquaintance is sudden or anticipated, grief has the potential to knock your Energy sideways. The world becomes a different place without this person in it & your perception of your life (& possibly theirs or other people around you &/or them) can suddenly change enormously too.

From an Energetic point of view, I see people almost become a new variation of who they used to be before the death occurred. Understanding how to navigate that on your own is very hard. Throw in a good chunk of shock as well if it's an unexpected passing & life is no longer at all what it used to be.

And that's ok.

In my experience with many clients who are dealing with new & long term grief, my ability to "tune in" & help them understand what they are feeling is often incredibly helpful on its own. The multiple waves of emotion that are so overwhelming when they hit don't give people the time they need to process what the fuck they are actually feeling before the next one creates a new angle of upheaval. A sense of feeling lost is common, even when everything around you is essentially the same as it was before.

Having someone to help you navigate the feelings & create a sense of Balance that you can come back to on your own time & time again. This allows you to continue doing the tasks & activities that need to be done day to day while you learn to create a new version of life with the grief beside you, not overrunning you.


Whenever I tune in to someone's anxiety (there are a lot of you! You are definitely not alone) I am often shown a visual of someone up in the air, spinning around, having trouble staying connected to what is important. This expends a shit load of Energy & gets you nowhere. The levels of exhaustion I pick up on in people who battle anxiety is statggering.

Both adults & kids can be very good at dismissing or masking their anxiety when they need to, only to have the most epic of melt downs over random shit that is likely to confuse those around them. Not great but very common.

Either the people closest to them cop it the most intensely or the need for control of ALL situations escalates to unrealistic levels or they feel the desire to escape into a reclusive space as often as possible.

None of those options actually feel good to the person experiencing the anxiousness. There is a feeling of being powerless to stop it though. That's where Energy work can be of assistance.

I will often be shown how to direct a persons Energy to "untangle" the Energetic shit-show that has developed inside of them for whatever reason. Again, very difficult for you to do on your own. You are bang in the middle of that chaotic Energy so seeing a clear way out is nigh on impossible. Having someone else look at everything from an outside perspective AND with the intention & skill to help you out of it can make all the difference.

Your ability to Heal any & all of these feelings IS available to you.

The most important aspect of this process of Healing & moving on from the Energy of shock, grief or anxiety is that you resonate with the Energy worker you choose to assist you.

There are an endless variety of modalities to choose from. You may need to participate in more than one to shift the different layers of Energetic chaos (which can come from just one shitty experience) that you have been impacted by.

Your Energy is not a finite thing with an instruction manual. It moves & evolves as you go along in life, so the potential for multiple elements of clearing that Energy is entirely understandable. You are completely derserving of dialing back the shit that derails you & upleveling your Energy for a more positive contribution to your own life experiences.

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