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I absolutely love Spirit Animals!

My Spirit Animal is a Kookaburra. My ridiculously loud laugh and cheeky, joyous nature, really resonates with the Kookaburra.

Wherever I go, I always see a Kookaburra. They are just so funny and entertaining, I could honestly sit and watch them for hours.

Spirit Animals will not necessarily be your favourite animal, or the animal you have around you all the time.

A beautiful way to find out what your Spirit Animal is and connect to it is through deep meditation. But remember, the animal that comes up during your meditation isn’t necessarily going to be the animal you will have forever, they can change at any time.

Everybody is going to have a different animal and there is certainly no right or wrong. Your Spirit Animal is whatever your subconscious, Angels and Guides are showing you.

It could be a whale, a snake, or a butterfly, don’t dismiss any animal that comes into your mediation. And don’t ever think one type of Spirit Animal is better than another. Don’t ever think a Kookaburra is better than a snake, or a butterfly is better than a whale. It doesn’t work like that. No Spirit Animal is better, or worse than any other. They are all individual to us and they all have Sensational Healing connections and messages for us.

Believe it or not, before I connected with the Kookaburra, I used to have a little pink pig as my Spirit Animal. Every time I meditated, this little pink pig came with me. It was when I was first learning all about meditation, so having a cute little pink pig with me, either feeling its presence beside me, or in front of me leading the way, really gave me that extra bit of Energetic support to help me receive the guidance and messages during my meditations.

That’s what your Spirit Animal is. It’s like a little buddy you have with you on your journey. The pink pig was just a temporary fill in Spirit Animal until the Kookaburra came along, which has now been with me for years.

There is a whole lot of different ways we can interpret animal Energy. You can google certain animals to see what their meaning is. Spirit Animals will often be referred to as Totem Animals, so have a look at a few different Totem Animals and see which ones you are drawn to.

Dreams are another way to connect to our Spirit Animals. Is there a particular animal that comes up in your dreams on a regular basis? If you see an animal on the TV, does it resonate with you? Does it make your heart flutter when you see it?

Most likely you have already connected to a Spirit Animal at some point and you are just not quite sure what it is yet. Remember, there are no set rules, your Spirit Animal could be an Owl, whereas someone else’s Spirit Animal could be a very specific species of Owl, like a white Snowy Owl. Whatever it is, it will be your animal, so how it presents itself to you, will be unique to you.

We can absolutely communicate with our Spirit Animals.

They do have messages for us. Don’t think a language barrier is present because they are an animal.

They are in fact just another Angel or guide communicating with us.

I personally think people may find it easier to communicate with an animal because there are no mixed messages, animals are animals.

We can understand and read what the animal is feeling, so Spirit Animals can make that connection a little bit easier.

So, have a think about what your Spirit Animal might be. You are probably spot-on with whatever animal you think of first. Always go with your gut instinct.

And before you go to sleep at night, ask your Spirit Animal to come into your dreams. Don’t stress if it doesn’t appear straight away, it will come another day, just keep trying.

Love & Abundance

Lyndy xxx

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